René Harmon

René Harmon is a gifted artist and creator of the famous Georgian “Janiebee” collection, which consists of various quilted nap mats that look unique and stylish. René was taught to sew and quilt since childhood. It was her grandmother, who taught the girl to create such fascinating quilted nap mats that have brought her popularity and recognition as she grew up. “Janiebee” designs are extraordinary and unusual. They ensure the utmost feeling of comfort and look awesome. Each nap mat is created from the best materials that are long-lasting, durable and will serve you and your loved ones for years. Apart from nap mats, René also creates T-Shirt Quilts, Baby Quilts, Back Packs, Blankets, Stipple Quilts, Exclusive Bedding, Lunch Bags and more. Each style exists in the limited amount, which makes the objects unique. They are rightfully called “functional pieces of art”. This name ideally reflects the essence of these masterpieces.