When it comes to searching for the pieces of artwork, people often start browsing the web hoping to find the objects and artists they might be interested in. If you currently have the same goal, then you have come to the right place! Athens Area Arts is the major destination for all users, who are encouraged to find out more about creative projects, artists and cultural objects in Athens, Georgia, USA. The project was created with one of the best website builders to adhere to the needs and searching convenience of users. The website is a handy online art guide that focuses on the description of the most popular art galleries and places of interest in Athens. It contains lots of works of art created by the prominent local artists and other creative people, whose work is somehow connected with Athens. Feel free to explore the website to get the unspeakable creative experience ever!

Athens Area Arts

Meet the Most Popular Athens Artists

Pam Xanthos

Pam is a well-known artist in Georgia, whose works have already gained popularity with local residents and the tourists. She focuses on creative interior design and decorations, including furnishings, cabinetry, wall and ceiling plasters etc. She has many satisfied clients, who eagerly recommend her to their friends and acquaintances.

Susan Abell

Susan is famous for her creative works of art, which are inspired by the surrounding world. She is fond of creating traditional landscapes as well as mural paintings. Susan has rich experience and a collection of works she is proud of.

René Harmon

René Harmon is famous for her impressive collection of Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats. She has created so many of them already and each piece is unique in its own way. All the works are masterfully created by René in Athens and, thus, they are in demand with local residents and tourists, who visit the town.

Susie Kate

Susie Kate is a young, but talented artist, whose works stand out from the crowd due to their unique nature and outstanding look. She works only with website builders for photographers. Katie attracts her clients by creating original and vibrant masterpieces that can become a great addition to any home or office interior.

Places to Visit in Athens

There are lots of interesting weebly websites and other online resources dedicated to the places of interest in Athens. The most popular highlights, however, are as follows:


Georgia Museum of Art

Georgia Museum of Art is one of the most popular historic highlights in Athens. Tourists visiting the place enjoy artworks and exhibitions that belong to the museum and other local institutions. The major objective of the museum is not limited to showing exhibitions only. It also aims at promoting research and educational activities.


Lyndon House Arts Center

Lyndon House Arts Center is operated and maintained by the local ACC Leisure Services. It is recognized as a cultural center that educates young and adult visitors, providing them with cultural and historic knowledge. There are many exhibitions, workshops, special events, art meetings and other activities organized and held in the museum for the local residents and guests of the town.


The T.R.R. Cobb House 

The T.R.R. Cobb House is another place of interest that is worth visiting in Athens. It vividly presents Southern History of the 19th century, showcasing the glorious moments of the location. The place offers two exhibitions, namely the Main Floor and the Upper Floor, each of which contains original historic objects belonging to different periods.


The Morton Theatre

The Morton Theatre is one of the oldest buildings in Georgia. Its foundation dates back to 1910. The theatre was recently restored to be given contemporary appeal without compromising with its historic past. As of today, it hosts lots of special events and performances organized in the location.